Local Development

Developers have a wide variety of toolchains, from operating systems to code quality standards. This section walks you through modifying your setup to create your preferred development environment.

It includes instructions for Windows and Linux machines, environment variables, Javascript setup (webpack, Babel, browser support), and code quality standards (formatting, linting, typing).

 Main Guides 3

How to create a new project from a starter

Starters are boilerplate Gatsby sites maintained by the community and intended for jump-starting development quickly.

How to create and use an environment variable

Run Gatsby's develop or build processes with different options, or use secrets you don't want to check into your version control.

How to debug common development errors

Some common errors come from gatsby-image, GraphQL, and plugin installation

 Additional Guides 5

  • Gatsby on Windows
  • Gatsby on Linux
  • Run a Local Preview Server
  • Configure CA Certificates
  • Debugging HTML Builds