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Presenting the 2020 Silly Site Challenge Winners!

By Michelle Gienow on January 26th, 2021

They came, they coded, they were seriously silly. Over 900 people registered for the first-ever Gatsby Silly Site Challenge, and 134 entries ultimately crossed the finish line. So much whimsy, creativity and laugh-out-loud humor from these widely varied projects meant naming the top twenty a difficult, though hilarious, task.

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Voices of Gatsby: The “O” Word (Or, Being Older in Tech)

By Michelle Gienow on December 21st, 2020

Studies show that Generation X-ers get hired 33% less often than younger candidates with comparable skills and experience. Even once we do land an interview, there can often be a queasy sense of not quite fitting in -- culturally, if not skills-wise. But we all need to get past the discomfort when encountering someone who is different, whether due to age or any other factor, because studies also show that that a diverse organization is a stronger, more creative organization.

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